Superpowers for Google Slides

Advanced keyboard shortcuts and toolbar that'll turbocharge your productivity in Google Slides. Impress your team and get your slides done faster with SlidesWhiz!

Produce polished Slides, faster

Keyboard access to everything

SlidesWhiz brings "Alt" key shortcuts to Google Slides. Reach every feature with your keyboard and 10x your speed.

Blazingly fast

Unlike other Google Slides add-ons, SlidesWhiz shortcuts are instantaneous and feel "native".

Quick Access Toolbar

Keep your most frequently used features within reach at all times.

Extra Shortcuts

SlidesWhiz gives you extra keyboard shortcuts like Align and Arrange that aren't officially available in Google Slides.

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Per license / month

billed annually

  • ✓ All keyboard shortcuts
  • ✓ Quick access toolbar
  • ✓ Personal use
  • ✓ Basic support
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  • ✓ Bonus features (coming soon)
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How much is your time worth to you?

Hours spent in Google Slides per week


How much 1 hour of your time is worth to you

$ per hour

Return on investment per month with SlidesWhiz

Save $981

Or 5 hours of your life

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How did we get this number?

Hours saved per month* 20 hours
Value of SlidesWhiz for saving 20 hours of your time $1000
Cost of SlidesWhiz license per month $19
Total ROI per month $19

* Assumes SlidesWhiz boosts your productivity by 20%


What is an license?

A license allows an individual to use SlidesWhiz. We license individuals, not machines. Therefore, every individual who wants to use SlidesWhiz will require a license, but can install it on any number of machines. An individual is defined as a single G Suite account.

Is it possible to purchase multiple licenses?

Yes, you can easily add licenses within our self-service platform.

Can I change the G Suite account associated with a license?

Yes, you can easily edit licenses within our self-service platform.

How do I install SlidesWhiz?

SlidesWhiz can be easily installed as a Bookmarklet, and doesn't require any physical media or documents. Specific installation instructions are available following registration.

I have another question...

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